About the Journal

Trunojoyo Madura International Conference is an annual international conference initiated by the Institute for Research and Community Service of Trunojoyo Madura University. This international conference welcomes articles from all fields related to engineering, science-technology, economic and social science. This year, the Institute for Research and Community Service will host the 2nd Trunojoyo Madura International Conference 2024 (The 2nd TMIC 2024).

This event will be held at the Grand Dafam Hotel Surabaya on 25th Juli 2024 with theme “Solving Real Word Problem with Creativity and Collaboration Based on Science, Technology and Humanity”.Two conferences will be held under TMIC, namely ETMIC (Engineering Trunojoyo Madura International Conference) and ASTMIC (Applied Science Trunojoyo Madura International Conference)

Papers from the previous TMIC have been published in E3S Web Conference and indexed in Scopus:

1st TMIC 2023